Basic Spa and Massage Behavior Tips

August 31, 2017 by wsadmin

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Basic Spa and Massage Behavior Tips


If you were to look up “relaxed” in the dictionary, the sentence that the word is used in is almost always going to be about a massage. That’s how closely associated those words are. There is almost definitely no better way to make yourself feel more calm and content as well as physically relaxed. However, there are a few things for you to keep in mind to ensure that your visit is stress-free, successful, and enjoyable for both parties: you and your massage therapist! Here are some ideas for you to do beforehand and remember during the experience to make sure that everyone remains as zen as possible.

• Don’t skimp. Remember, while massages can have amazing physical health and mental health benefits, they are a luxury service. Chances are, you don’t have to treat yourself to a massage, even though it is a good idea.

In general, since beauty and spa services are not necessary for your survival, it’s not a good idea to try and cut corners. If a price point sounds unrealistically cheap or too good to be true, it almost always is. So please refrain from making rude or irritated remarks about the price. Nobody’s making you come here!


• On that some note, don’t forget to tip! Tipping a masseuse is not just a courtesy, but a necessity. See above for our spiel on luxury – this might be a treat for you, but this is your massage therapist’s job. This is how your they are able to provide for themselves and their household, and it’s not easy to do. Learning proper massage therapy techniques can take months and years of education. Policies can vary according to location, it’s most likely that the spa company takes a cut of the amount you pay to cover expenses such as sterilization of equipment, decoration, and maintenance for the building. Don’t be fooled by the number on the price tag. We can guarantee you that the amount your therapist actually makes is a fraction of that number. Not leaving a tip is extremely rude. Please don’t feel embarrassed if you’re unsure how to tip and need to ask what the best way is – they’ll always appreciate it!


• Follow your massage therapist’s example, and emulate the relaxing vibes as best as you can. No massage therapist wants to deal with a rude or unruly client. Just lie down and enjoy the soothing vibes. If your massage therapist initiates some small talk or is trying to ask you questions or provide important information, it’s polite (and acceptable!) to listen and respond.

However, don’t chat their head off. Not all massage therapists appreciate a chatty client, especially one who is trying to unload a lot of personal problems; this is not the place to vocalize your stress. If your massage therapist is able to just focus on their tasks, you’ll both be much better off. So close your eyes and let the calming music, incense, and tranquil environment wash over you.

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• Keep things clean. A good massage therapist will never make harsh judgments about a client’s body, but it’s not good etiquette to be unhygienic in an environment where your massage therapist will be spending a lot of time around you. Take a nice shower, use deodorant, and shave. If you go in feeling clean, not only will your massage therapist not have to worry about unhygienic clients, but you’ll be able to appreciate the calming experience even better.


• …Like, really clean. Okay, enough beating around the bush. It’s not exactly a secret that some massages offer so-called “happy endings” or “release” services. It is never appropriate to inquire about these services outright, especially if you’re unsure whether this particular spa location offers them! If you’re in the right place for them, your massage therapist will broach the subject. Many massage therapists are highly uncomfortable about this, so please just behave yourself.


We truly hope that these tips have helped you prepare for your next massage visit. Above all, as long as you are calm and respectful, and let your masseuse lead the way, you have no reason to worry. Massage therapists deal with all kinds of things, and they’ll definitely notice your effort to behave appropriately. If you’re at any point confused or concerned, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The whole point of a massage is to relax, after all.

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