Benefits of Japanese Nuru Massages

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Benefits of Japanese Nuru Massages


Japanese nuru massages are massages that require both the client and his or her masseuse to be fully naked and covered in a special gel. The masseuse then rubs his or her body on the client to create a special sensation and give a fully body massage.  The word “nuru” comes from the Japanese word for “slippery”. Nuru masseuses are highly trained and professional, and are focused on making their clients happy through this up close and personal massage. The massages can be done on a massage table, a bed, couch, or anywhere else that the client would like.

Nuru massages are gaining popularity in the western world, and it’s been found that nearly 40% of English men regularly visit nuru massage experts.

Other than the obvious advantage of being this close to another naked human being, there are benefits to this style of massage. To enlighten you, here are a few of those benefits and the research behind them.


It relieves stress

A list of massage benefits wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that massages- including the nuru massage- relieve stress. The nuru massage seems to be particularly good at relieving stress, according to a London based study on this style of massage. The study found that 83% of people who tried the massage felt that their mental well-being had improved.

 Benefits Japanese Nuru Massages

Skin moisturization

The gel used in the nuru massage is highly hydrating and good for your skin. It’s odorless, tasteless, doesn’t stain, and is transparent in appearance.  The gel is made of a composition of botanical extracts and seaweed that are mixed together to create a slippery gel. The gel is heated before the massage starts, and once the gel makes contact with the skin, it immediately goes to work softening, firming, and ridding the area of toxins.


Releases toxins from the body

The unique techniques that are used during the nuru massage are a great way to release the body of toxins. The specific and repeated actions, as well as friction and overall relaxation, allow the body to expel built up toxins through the skin. To get the full benefit, it’s recommended to drink plenty of fluids afterwards- this will make sure that the unwanted toxins are flushed out of the body.


Sexual exploration

Nuru massages are sexual in nature and intimate in feeling. They allow the client getting the massage to explore an area of sex that is neither physically sex, or purely fantasy. Nuru massages awaken the sexual urges in both the mind and the body, but don’t go into taboo territory- because of this, nuru massages can be used to release sexual tension without the risk of being unfaithful to a partner or seeking a one night stand.

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Improves blood circulation

The physical component of nuru massages help to get blood flowing. The techniques that nuru masseuses use get blood moving under the skin and can help improve circulation, as well as prevent blood clots.


Strengthens immune system

The relaxation and increased wellbeing that nuru massages offer help to strengthen the body’s immune system. This is done because after the massage, the body is left relaxed and stress free- both of which are factors that play into sickness and a weakening immune system.


Heightens erotic sensibility

The sexual tone of nuru massages can help treat a variety of sex-related issues such as diminishing libido, erotic sensitivity, and arousal issues. Because the massage is both sensual and sexual in nature, and also relaxes as well as excites the client, the massage can fix and prevent sexual issues.


Emotional connections

Because nuru massages are so personal, emotional connections are built between clients and their masseuses. These emotional connections are unlike normal emotional connections, as they are short-lived and fade easily, but are still strong enough to be felt and noticed. These connections can satisfy a person’s need for emotional connections, as well.


Although nuru massages are often thought of as taboo, they are normal in Asia and gradually gaining normality within North America and Europe. They are beneficial, exciting, and offer a unique experience every time they are given or received. The professionals who give them are friendly and kind, and have the knowledge to give their clients the ultimate relaxation experience.


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