Five Benefits of Asian Massage Therapy

January 3, 2018 by wsadmin

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Five Benefits of Asian Massage Therapy


Aches and pains, overstressed muscles, the need to be touched, emotional or work-related stress or are all reasons why you should book a local Las Vegas Asian massage today. Let all your problems, and discomforts melt away with massage oil. Yes, massages offer you a chance to let go at the moment, but frequent massages contribute to your overall lasting health. The art of massage therapy is a healing tool, which conveys compassion and support while decreasing our human urges to physically react and hold the tension of our pain and stress in our bodies. Massage therapy is a therapeutic technique that is prominent in all cultures past and present. Today’s scientist attests that touch and the benefits of massage can alleviate physiological, and psychological discomforts. Massage treats your body and mind of sudden aches, and well as chronic disease and injuries or tensions related to our modern lifestyle.

Still not convinced to get a local Las Vegas message today, here are five elements to consider


Stress is known to contribute 80-90% of our human disease and discomforts. Massage and bodywork help to drastically reduce that percentage, through relaxation and increasing your overall wellness. Now, I know that we all love to relax, but sometimes it is too easy to feel that we don’t have the time to relax. I must caution you, for relaxation increases your concentration, improves recovery, and elevates your energy level.

Still feel like you can’t make time for those type of benefits? 

Think how much more thing you can confront, and accomplish when you and your body are at peak performance. Am I just making this stuff up? No, massage therapy is an elixir of good health. Let me explain further when you increase your relaxation, you, therefore, decreases your anxiety and fatigue, while improving circulation, lowering blood-pressure, all helps to increase concentration, and allows you to function to your highest abilities.

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Biologic Benefits

  • Massage therapy increases circulation of the body and allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to flow to vital tissues and organs, as well as improves the condition of the skin.
  • A massage stimulates the flow of lymph. Lymph is fluid in white blood cells that bathes the tissues and drain through the lymphatic system. Stimulation of lymph can help fight or reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Increase joint flexibility, as well as range of motion
  • Reduces muscle recovery time, eliminate pain and help prepare for more strenuous workouts

Emotional Benefits

  • Touch: Being deprived of touching can lead to disease or psychological dysfunction. For all ages, tactile stimulation and emotional assurance of a contact will encourage a sense of well-being, and security.
  • Relief: Physical tension can be the result of tired muscles or storing emotional tension, and distress. Consequently, kneading away tension, tight and sore muscles, allows pent-up emotional stress to be released. Providing you with emotional and physical relief, that is sure to fill you with peace.

Oriental Massage

Asian massage therapy or as some like to call it oriental massage, is one of the oldest roots of the beginning of massage therapy. Eastern massage techniques were developed centuries ago to treat joint and muscle pain and reduce stress and tension by increasing relaxation. Oriental massage technique therapy uses hands, fingers, elbows, knees, feet, and other parts of the body to provide the reflexology, pressure, and rubbing treatment you need.

Here are three types of popular Asian massage in Las Vegas

  • Acupressure: A message style that applies pressure to various pressure points on the body to stimulate blood circulation, provide relief for tension. Acupressure therapy relies on the concept of chi, the central principle of Chi in traditional Chinese medicine refers to the natural energy that is believed to hold all things in the universe.
  • Tui Na: A massage style that treats specific areas of the musculoskeletal system, similar to chiropractic practices. Tui Na treatment relieves tension as well as chronic stress-related symptoms, such as respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems.
  • Shiatsu: A massage style that treats muscle tension, as well as emotional stress and strain.


How often should you seek massage benefits?

How often do you suffer from muscle tension, headaches, migraines, arthritis, pre-menstrual symptoms, stress, and insomnia? Besides improving circulation, and relieving pressure, massage can cure and prevent several health conditions, as well as maintain the equilibrium of your energy. The benefits of massage therapy are the result of all the benefits it provides for the body and the mind. Research states that the benefits of massage only continue to increase with frequency. Therefore I suggest scheduling one of the popular Asian massage therapies as often as you can, here in Las Vegas.

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