Happy Ending Massages: Are they “Wrong?”

August 29, 2017 by wsadmin

Happy Ending Massages: Are they “Wrong?”


While the beauty industry is multifaceted and expensive, it’s no surprise that the massage subsection is a thriving, varied business of its own.

Even more so, it’s not exactly a secret that there is a whole massage industry based on sex.

These massages have different names, some more coy than others: happy ending massages, full-service massages, or release services.

Some clients are totally into the idea of a typical relaxing massage having a bit of a more exciting ending, while others are hesitant about it. So what’s the truth?

Well, it all depends on the location. It’s true that some “spas” are really just thinly-veiled brothels that exploit young girls, mistreat the massage therapists, and take all of their profits.

However, there are plenty of locations that are proud to offer these happy endings and who treat their massage therapists as the professional employees they are, not as objects to be taken advantage of.

There are many different massage techniques out there, each with a variety of strokes, rhythms, and careful planning.

Happy ending massages are often written off as cheap alternatives to prostitution, but we take pride in our work and train our girls in this unique art. The techniques we practice are as ancient and traditional as any other massage form, just more socially taboo.

And what’s the reason for that taboo? It’s hard to place for sure, but society simultaneously demands sex while publicly frowning upon it.

Sex is viewed as bad, yet almost everyone is engaging in these kinds of activities. The result is unplanned pregnancies, hurt feelings, sickness, and more. Our services seek to offer you a relief from those burdens.

That’s why our full-body services are not only fun, but most importantly, safe and hygienic. We combine the best of both worlds: the old traditions of massage with the more modern experience of a unique, personalized, and consensual sexual experience.

There is a value to openly sensual massages that more traditional, non-sexual massage therapy lacks.

Whether you’re just down for a fun time or if you suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction, we’re confident that our massages are just what you need.

Our girls are trained, respected body artists, and we consider the services we offer just as legitimate as any more traditional or spiritual massage experience. Our service is outcall only for your convenience, so we can be as discrete as you need.

Our services are the perfect, unforgettable addition to your Las Vegas vacation. In addition to traditional one-on-one experiences, we also offer packages for you: our specialized Four Hand massage performed by two girls, and our Multiply the Fun massage performed by four.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of a happy ending massage, you don’t have to get one! We also offer a traditional Swedish massage, and since we want to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible, if you ever become uncomfortable we encourage you to speak up.

We’re excited to offer you our best release services, but we know the sexiest experiences are always those of mutual enthusiasm, never awkwardness or coercion! If you’re uncertain, we advise you contact us with your concerns, or speak to someone you know who has already experienced our happy ending services.

With that in mind, while we’re ready and excited to make you feel good, we want to stress that we don’t tolerate unruly or disrespectful clients. Our girls are trained professionals and they are not to be mistreated or taken advantage of. Let us take the lead and don’t worry about the rest – there’s no need to rush. As long as everybody acts like an adult, there is no reason to have any bad feelings or worries about enjoying your happy ending massage. We’re here for fun just as much as you are.

At Las Vegas Premier Hotel Massage, we fully believe that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the physical pleasures of life.

We’re committed to offering a sensual experience you’ll never forget, bringing you the typical relaxing benefits of massage as well as the added pleasure of sexual fulfillment, leaving you filled with a unique blend of endorphins, serotonin, and other mood-regulating hormones that are sure to leave you feeling good long after the massage is over.

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