Las Vegas Asian Hotel Room Massage: What to Expect from Your Experience

March 16, 2018 by wsadmin

The goal of our practice at Las Vegas Asian Hotel Room Massage is to provide clients with feelings of utter comfort and relaxation, so it’s important that clients are feeling comfortable and mentally prepared before they attend a session. That’s why we at Las Vegas Asian Hotel Room Massage prioritize your comfort and well-being all throughout the session, and that’s why we offer our top-rated hotel room massage therapy services with your convenience and privacy in mind. We are now providing our clients with a comprehensive overview of what you can expect to happen when you book a session with us at Las Vegas Asian Hotel Room Massage so you can look forward to your next session with us with feelings of anticipation and excitement rather than some apprehension.

It’s natural to feel nervous and a little shy or awkward if you are not sure what to expect during your massage session. We suggest you spend plenty of time exploring the rest of our website to get an idea of the types of services we provide and the logistics of our arrangements so that nothing will surprise you. When you feel ready, go ahead and give us a call at either 702-488-4714, 702.908.8878, or 702-488-5889. For concerns, comments, and general inquiries, you can fill out the message form on our “Contact” page and we will be happy to respond to you, though your appointment should be booked over the phone. When you call, you will be greeted warmly by our scheduler and asked which services you are looking for.

We provide a wide variety of massage types ranging from a multitude of Asian massage techniques to the more modern European massage techniques. While our Asian massages tend to be the more popular of our services, if you have never had a massage before, are not sure what exactly you need to get out of the experience, or you are just unsure where to start, we recommend a basic Swedish bodywork massage. Swedish massage focuses on using long, gliding strokes in the direction of the heart to relax the entire body and improve blood circulation. If you are looking to improve flexibility, decrease blood toxin levels, and find relief from stiffness or tension, a Swedish massage is a great comprehensive and general type of bodywork that should cover all the bases.

Another type of the massage we provide is Tantra, coming from the Sanskrit word that roughly translates to “to expand, to extend, to put forth, to weave.” Tantra massage is more overtly sensual and arousing than is Swedish massage, as it is constructed from a variety of massage elements that blend together to creates a unique sensual landscape out of the entire body. Your breathing will improve, as well as your blood circulation and stress levels, as the massage culminates in an attentive and instrumental genital massage. Many variations of Swedish massage incorporate the use of heated or scented oils to improve the health of the skin as well as to introduce you to the varied field of aromatherapy, or the use of natural scents to improve feelings of relaxation, elevate your mood, and many other purposes.

One of our most highly-requested services is the Nuru massage, an openly erotic Asian massage in which both the massage therapist covers herself in an organic, non-toxic, odorless and colorless gel and uses her body to apply full, relieving strokes to your body. The word “Nuru” is derived from the Japanese word for “slippery,” which recalls the sensation of the massage therapist’s body against yours with only the Nuru oil acting as a barrier. Both participants in the massage are fully nude, and the massage proceeds along a rich tactile course that is sure to bring you to fulfillment. The Nuru Asian massage is not usually offered at many of the health spas or salons in the Las Vegas area, but we are happy to grant you this unique and sensual experience.

We encourage you to ask plenty of questions or do your own research on the logistics of the massage types before you decide which one might be right for you. However, when you do decide on the services you are looking for, simply describe them to our scheduler, who will take this time to recommend which of our beautiful and professional massage therapists might best suit your needs. There might be some limitations according to which therapists have already booked sessions, as some of our girls work very busy schedules. You can request two or even four of our highly trained massage therapists to magnify the sensation. Once those details are settled, you will be given a quote for the rate. Please be aware that cash is preferred for ease of our record-keeping but rest assured that we do accept major credit cards. Our basic rates are $100 an hour and most clients tend to book for 1 to 4 hours. At this time during your call, please alert our scheduler of your interest in any additional services that might not be listed on our website. We strive to be as accommodating as possible for our clients, and can happily arrange for overnight service, a couple’s massage, and more.

Once those details have been hashed out, a date will be arranged and you will be asked to provide an address for your therapist to come to you. On the special day, your therapist will arrive at your location with everything required for the session – oils, towels, scent diffusers, and more. It would be appreciated if you could take some time to tidy up your space so that there is enough free space for your massage therapist to set up, but all of our highly trained massage therapists are used to working in and adapting to environments and in different spaces that require varied accommodations.

The massage experience is going to be completely centered around your comfort level, so we advise arranging the space in a way that manages your preferences, such as setting a certain temperature, the lighting, etc. Some of these details may be altered once the session begins, but it’s a good idea to establish yourself in a good place before the session begins. We also ask that our clients are clean and hygienic to their comfort level before the session for health code purposes.

When it’s time to begin, you can expect to engage in some polite and warm chatter with your massage therapist (or therapists). She will take some time to prepare the area according to the service that you arranged for. For example, if you requested our highly popular “Four Hands Massage” with two therapists, it might require a different arrangement of the room so that both therapists have room to move around (for example it would be less advantageous if the massage bed was set up flush against a wall). Additionally, if any oils or lotions are used that should be warmed before you begin, this might require a bit of patience as your massage therapist prepares for your ultimate massage experience.

Now, it will finally be time to for the massage to begin! Depending on the massage, you will be asked to undress to your comfort level. For example, the Nuru massage requires both participants to be fully nude. Our professional therapists will never coerce you to remove more clothing than you are comfortable with and for most services there will be soft towels and drapes for privacy during the massage. So you can allow yourself to fully unwind and rest assured that your experience will be nothing short of exceptional.

You can expect the massage itself to be like nothing you have ever experienced, with the therapist paying attention to all of your needs. Most massages start slowly with a massage of your neck and shoulders as you lie face-down. You will find yourself able to fully relax into the soft bed and enjoy the comforting, attentive, and even arousing feelings of your masseuse’s hands over your skin. Best of all, as you receive this massage, you will realize that you are truly not stressed or worried about any small details thanks to our hotel room policy.

For instance, if you were to drive to a spa, salon, or health clinic in a busy plaza, you will have to worry about finding parking or paying for an Uber. You also might be concerned about the time it takes for you to sit in traffic as you drive, or something else; for instance, you might be worried about showing up on time to an engagement later in the day. Fortunately, our entire service revolves around your needs, ensuring that you can relax in comfort, convenience, and privacy. You won’t be able to fully enjoy the massage if you have all those nagging worries in the back of your mind. That’s why we decided to take care of them for you!

There are a number of health benefits to massage, the most obvious being the release of tension, soreness, aches, and pains from tired muscles or strained joints. Additionally, the feelings of connection, relief, relaxation, and contentedness that strike you during the blissful massage are proven to improve the health of clients in the long-term. That’s why your massage therapist will offer you an experience unlike anything you’ve known before, and that’s why our services remain some of the most in-demand hotel room massage or Asian massage services in the Las Vegas area. Most of the time the environment of a massage is quiet and peaceful, but we encourage our clients to use their voice and understand that communication – and trust – with a massage therapist as an important part of the quality of the experience.

Once the massage is over, the massage therapist will simply pack up her things and supplies and go. Please be aware that cash tips or gratuity are not required, although they are appreciated. You will find that the massage has helped you into a calm and relaxed mood, which will all work together to rejuvenate you and prepare you for the rest of your daily activities. You’ll find that the elation and satisfaction that you felt at the end of the massage will likely linger in your mind for the rest of the day, and any tense muscles or sore joints will feel more relaxed than ever. That’s why we recommend our clients make massage, particularly Asian massage, a regular part of their health and fitness routine, as the benefits on both physical and mental health have been proven and supported by science time and time again.

If you have any questions about what you could expect from the service, don’t be afraid to ask when you call. We want to make sure that your experience with us at Las Vegas Asian Hotel Room Massage is up to your standards and allows you to escape from the responsibilities and stresses that might be weighing you down. Our goal is to use the power of touch to help you find some reprieve from those worries.

When you’re ready, please feel free to give us a call or contact us through the message form, where will reply to you via email to the best of our abilities. We can’t wait for you to meet your massage therapist (or therapists plural) and begin your journey to the ultimate relaxation and comfort. Give us a call today!

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